Takao Run was founded in 1997 by the troupe leader, Yen Yung-Neng. They sing in Taiwanese about the beauty of Taiwanese culture and the stories of its people. For more than a decade, they have been touring around Taiwan singing to the elders in the remote villages, as a way of building connections to help build local communities.

The performance, similar to the multicultural nature of Taiwan, is a big melting pot that includes elements of Temple Parades, Taiwanese Opera, folk songs and modern street dance.

Yen Yung-Neng is an award-winning musician, who was nominated in both 2010 and 2012 as the Best Taiwanese Male Singer, and won the Best Taiwanese Album of 2010 at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards. His lyrics have this special warmth conveying his care for the land and those working on it. The music inspires images of the unique scenery and vibe of each town, making the experience of listening to his music like watching an authentic film about the real Taiwanese experience.