Traveller Must Go Top 5 Taiwan Destination – PingTung

Top 5 Spots You Must See in Taiwan – PingTung
Also the top 5 destinations for amazing Instagram photos

Top #1 Wutai Presbyterian Church (霧台基督長老教會)

Located in the Wutai Village in Pingtung County, the Wutai Presbyterian Church was designed by the well-known local artist Du ba-nan. It was built with stone and local material. This characteristic and artistic Presbyterian Church took local residents 6 years to build.

Psst…don’t miss the chapel on the second floor!

Recommended activities: worship, visit the Wutai aborigines, and understand the history of the #indigenous community

Top #2 Fangshan Post Office(枋山郵局)

I personally think this is the most distinctive post office in Taiwan! This is the first post office in Taiwan which use 3D landscape design. They also combined the feature of a postal box and the local butcher birds into their design. Fangshan post office then become a special place attracts people to take photos and post online!

Recommended activities: take special photos with 3D landscape, check in on social media

Top #3 Eluanbi Lighthouse(鵝鑾鼻燈塔)

The Eluanbi Lighthouse in Kenting National Park was originally built in 1883. After many constructions, the government finished building the current lighthouse in 1962. The tall lighthouse, pure white tower, and the historical background make the Eluanbi Lighthouse one of the most popular spots in Pingtung!

Recommended activities: take some ‘jump photos’ and share on social media, night time walkies

Top #4 Valley Glaze Bridge(山川琉璃吊橋)

The 262-meter-long Valley Glaze Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting two towns. Walking on the bridge, visitors can enjoy the hundred-pacer pattern representing the local aborigines on both sides of the bridge and the coloured glass embedded on the bridge.

Recommended activities: take photos and post online, in-depth experience of local Aboriginal culture.

Top #5 Valley Glaze Bridge(阿嘉的家)

Do you know the classic Taiwanese film “Cape No.7” that was a sensation at the time? When it was released, it created the miracle of Taiwanese national film and became the most popular Taiwanese film in the near history. This also led to the rise of movie-related attractions. “Ajia’s Home” is where the main character, Ajia, lived in the movie.

The house in right in the heart of HengChun township, which has had many new coffee shops, vegetarian restaurants and craft shops open recently, it’s worth looking around!

Recommended activities: take photos and post online, town exploring

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